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Your 10 Years Golden Visa Opportunity Awaits you!

10-years Golden Visa UAE

United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s best places to invest in real estate and now it provides you the opportunity of getting a golden visa on property investment. Expats are now more likely to consider the UAE their second home, given that they can come and go as they please. In fact, we’re already seeing a great influx of foreign investors purchasing luxury properties. The excellent infrastructure, tax free income and a thriving business economy has ticked all the boxes already to attract over millions of investors around the world. And post Expo2020, the influx of new residents has now surged to more than 80,000 new residents annually.

Considering the need of today, Earid Real Estate has set up a ONE-STOP SERVICE to assist people in obtaining 10 Years Golden Visa for the long-term residency, upon property investment worth of AED 2 million or purchase a property with a loan from specified local banks providing that the amount paid to bank is AED 2 million.

Under this program, Earid Real Estate assist all the global entrepreneurs who intend to invest in the real estate business of Emirates. We ensure to provide you with the right guidance in getting long-term visas for yourselves and your dependents. If you aspire to thrive in UAE by making the real estate investment and bagging a permanent dwelling place in the country without the need of a national sponsor, we can help you turn your dreams into reality!

Perks of having Golden Visa in the UAE

  1. Primary Golden Visa holder can sponsor its family members, including spouses and children regardless of their ages and their visa will be valid for 10 Years. 
  2. Allowing family members to stay in the UAE until the end of their permit duration in the event the primary holder of the Golden Visa passes away
  3. 100% ownership of mainland business license, which implies you no longer need a local sponsor to partner with your business when you have a Dubai Economic Department (DED) trade license.
  4. Foreign residents in Dubai who have a golden visa and a driving license from their home country can now take a UAE driver’s test without needing extra lessons
  5. The latest addition of exclusive discounts through Esaad card that are gifted to the golden visa holders. These card holders can benefit with 10 to 20 percent discounts and additional benefits across several sectors. These include healthcare, education, retail, dining, hospitality, air travel, local commute and more, covering over 7,000 brands across the UAE and in UK as well.
  6. A long-term, renewable residence visa valid for 10 years
  7. Ability to stay outside of the UAE for any amount of time without having their visa nullified. 
  8. A self-sponsored visa, means No sponsor or Employer is required
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Why choose Earid as your Property Consultant ?

Luxury Villas

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Earid Real Estate also offer variety of alternatives for obtaining a residence or investor visa, depending on the size of investment. This is a great opportunity specially for the foreigners who are planning to find the residency with added benefits of living in Dubai. More millionaires landing up in UAE will increase demand for Dubai real estate backed up by UAE’s ranking amongst the safest countries in the world.

Investors in the UAE earlier used to buy one bedroom. They now club a deal to reach Dh2 million so that they can get the long-term visa for them and for their families. Thus, the demand for two-bedroom units has increased while many investors also take two one-bedrooms to reach Dh2 million threshold. That’s where Earid Real Estate gives the best solutions to investors based on their requirement. We have seen around 35-40% of customers merging two properties to reach the Dh2 million milestone to get the Golden Visa.

Sometimes, the developers can offer payment plans that enable you to qualify for a golden visa with an investment as low as a downpayment of 10% without a mortgage (AED 200,000) and 25% with a mortgage (AED 500,000), thus lowering the entry bar for getting a golden visa. This change in regulations in April 2022 has given rise to a whole bunch of new investors both local and foreign into the market and has bolstered the Dubai real estate market, resulting in record transactions.

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According to a report by CBRE, the total volume of transactions in Dubai’s residential market hit 13-year high in May as the investors, high net worth individuals and entrepreneurs plan business migration to the city.

Getting a golden visa from the UAE no doubt has its perks. Long term residency in the UAE will enable you to move freely in and out of the country without any hassles.

The United Arab Emirates has been a global talent hub for decades, and the new golden visa makes working and living in the U.A.E more easier and flexible. The U.A.E is one of the world’s most diverse countries, with 8 million foreign workers and over 200 nationalities. So it’s no wonder why so many people come to this prosperous nation.

Overall, changes in residency requirements in Dubai have had a significant positive impact on the real estate market in the last two years. The real estate sector has had a record-breaking momentum, bouncing back strongly from the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2021 alone, the Dubai residential market recorded AED 151.07 billion worth of apartments and villa real estate transactions, more than the combined total for 2019 and 2020.

Dubai As Your Investment Hub

Well-known for its skyscrapers, record-breaking statistics, and pervasive opulence, Dubai is one of the most attractive places to invest in a property. It has been attracting people from all corners of the world. Its robust economy, business-friendly environment, and prospective growth have made Dubai the most profitable choice for real estate investors. Dubai is without any doubt the hub of international trade and travel. And having the Exclusive Projects at Earid Real Estate, investors have a golden opportunity to invest and maximize their return on investment (ROI), that will also be a pathway to a Golden Visa

Here are some reasons why people work, live and invest in Dubai
  • Dubai has zero property tax, including zero capital gains tax. As a result, the Dubai property market is an excellent place to invest without paying heavy taxes on successful investments.
  • Dubai has the highest-performing economy in the world. Therefore you’ll enjoy high returns on investment when you invest in real estate. The country also offers flexible payment plans, excellent interest rates, and a golden visa on top of your investment.
  • Dubai is the hub of the Middle East’s business world. As a result, the city is a gateway to global finance and influential business leaders. Dubai is also home to one-third of the world’s Fortune 500 companies.
  • Dubai’s real estate market offers one of the highest returns in terms of rental yield, thereby appreciating value of properties that makes investment a very lucrative proposition.
  • Dubai and Abu Dhabi have a bustling real estate industry
  • The nation offers excellent salaries and career growth
  • The U.A.E has a genuinely multi-cultural workforce
  • Locals and migrants widely speak English around the country, making business and investment easier
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Variety Of Projects to choose from many developers

To learn more about the 10 years golden residency visa through property investments, please feel free to get in touch with our Property advisors at Earid Real Estate and we would be happy To assist you further

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