Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai: A New Precedent In Luxury

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Dubai adds a ‘wow’ factor to everything it does. And when it runs out of space, it just builds more land where there is none. The iconic World Islands stand testament to this. What makes this archipelago interesting is, of course, the fact that the cluster is roughly shaped to look like the world map. The Europe islands, within The World, are where Dubai’s latest splash in innovation sits – gorgeous Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai that redefine, not just luxury living, but luxury underwater living.

The project developer, Kleindienst Group, has modelled Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai to give residents a sense of the yacht life. Each of these floating wonders is a tiny island by itself – surrounded by sea, with distant views of the city’s skyline.

Another stand-out feature of the Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai is the submerged level under each villa – pure engineering marvel. It has coral reef installed that provides a home for endangered marine species to live and breed in safety. This eco-friendly element provides residents with spectacular, uninterrupted views of marine life in their natural habitat. It really doesn’t get more luxurious than this.


Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai, UAE, The World Islands, UAE


The lowest level is submerged in water (Image Credit: The Heart of Europe)

Each Floating Seahorse villa has three levels – underwater level with the bedroom(s), sea level that houses the living room area and a fitted kitchen, and an upper sky deck with a lounge area and kitchenette.

  • Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai, Interiors, UAE

The villas boast classy interiors with ceiling-to-floor glass doors, a neutral colour palette and teak wood panels. Residents/guests can also enjoy a soak in the glass-bottomed Jacuzzi on the upper sky level the doubles as a living room skylight. Both, the sea level and upper sky level have outdoor decks that give residents open areas to relax, unwind and soak in the Dubai sun.


Dubai Floating Seahorse Villas


The bedroom has glass walls with spectacular views of marine life (Image Credit: The Heart of Europe)

Views of the ocean from the underwater bedroom(s) are easily the winning factor of this development. The bed faces clear-glass walls that offer beautiful views of the ocean. Vibrant coral pieces with an aquatic visitor or two give guests magical views of life underwater. While land-dwellers tend to home gardens, residents of the underwater villas in Dubai simply lay in bed and enjoy the calm that comes with watching a sea turtle swim by.

And as if that wasn’t luxurious enough, each villa also comes with butler service and 24 hours AV security. Equipped with the latest technology, high-speed internet and satellite TV, the Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai give residents all the comforts of a world-class marine retreat while keeping them connected with the outside world.


The Heart Of Europe, World Islands, Dubai, UAE


The Heart of Europe is set to become a top holiday destination (Image Credit: The Heart of Europe)

The Floating Seahorse Villas will eventually connect to other islands in The Heart of Europe (THOE). The project consists of six islands, each representing a different facet of Europe’s heritage, hospitality and culture. Plans to develop resorts, beach-front properties and climate-controlled streets are underway, and honestly, we can’t wait to check it out. So if you think life on a Floating Seahorse seems secluded, this connection to other islands opens up a path to the very best of Europe.


Floating Seahorse Villas Dubai UAE


Floating Seahorse Villas are located about 4 kilometres off the coast of Dubai (Image Credit: The Heart of Europe)

Interested buyers can choose between the 3100 sq ft one bedroom, or 4004 sq ft with up to four-bedroom villas. The price range for Floating Seahorse Villas is between AED 10M and AED 16.5M, for one or multiple rooms, respectively. Per night rents can be anywhere from AED 10,000 to AED 25,000 per night.

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